Scuba Diving
November 3rd, 2014 | Dive Travel, Scuba Diving

Rinse and Repeat

  This is our #1 selling design. You have probably seen this on one of your dive trips. Now you can own your very own. A divers day can be quite simple: Wake Dive Eat Dive Nap Dive Feast Chill and Crash. Simply follow instructions and ...

5x7 dive flag rect
November 3rd, 2014 | Scuba Diving

Scuba Dive Flag

The now-familiar red-and-white dive flag was invented in the early 1950's by Denzel James "Doc" Dockery from Michigan. After his discharge from the US navy in 1949, Doc took up the fairly new hobby of diving using a home made SCUBA rig he ...

November 3rd, 2014 | Christmas and Holiday, Scuba Diving

Christmas and Holiday

  Welcome to Dive Inspirations' underwater and scuba diving Christmas designs. All of our original designs throughout our site make great gifts year round, but these unique designs all have a slightly more Christmas and holiday feel to ...

October 31st, 2014 | Scuba Diving, T-shirts and Gifts

Open is da Pool

"Open is da pool" here at Dive Inspirations Scuba T-shirts & Gifts. Check out our scuba t-shirts, Pirate t-shirts, and Inspirational t-shirts and apparel. We also have dive themed gifts with funny slogans and sayings. Browse through our ...

October 30th, 2014 | Dive Travel, Scuba Diving

Dive Inspirations

Okay, so you want to go scuba diving, but where? The Caribbean is a big place. Look at all those islands. We've linked to the tourist boards for several of the dive destinations to help make your search easier. Click on an island link below the ...